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27 JULY 2022  

Napa Valley, CA

The “usual suspects”, The Lopez organization took home gold in seven out of ten award categories and created another Rookie of the Year and another Number One Producer for the 2021 calendar year. The award ceremony held in Napa Valley saw history repeat itself for the fourth time in seven years. After two years where Covid -19 would not allow in person events and no awards were given, Cesar and Melissa Lopez’s team were awarded two of the most sought after and prestigious awards of leadership and agency development.

The organization also won Top Producers in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru and Uruguay. 


“We were very happy and proud of our partners. Through servant leadership we have been able to create a balance that makes us all better. Recognition only comes after hard work, and they deserve that and more for their outstanding performance and achievements. It’s a true testament to our culture and the team's capacity to have navigated the new complex sales world after covid. Adaptability they say is one of the strongest forms of intelligence.” Stated Melissa Lopez after the awards ceremony.  

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About Cesar Lopez
Cesar is a third generation Global Financial Advisor based in Miami, FL His mission is to provide financial security around the globe, regardless of citizenship or country of residence. 

About Insurance Advisors Global Partners
Insurance Advisors (IAGP) is a family firm established in 1975. Currently in the golden age of Financial Planning they are under the strong and decisive leadership of their third generation. Their mission is to change insurance penetration around the world regardless of citizenship of country of residence.
Learn more about them at WWW. IAGPARTNERS.Com

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